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You want your first bike to be something special, a GSX-R? We get it.

That's why we've built you the GSX-R125, part of a legendary family and with the best in class power to weight ratio, torque to weight ratio, acceleration and an agile chassis plus great fuel economy.

Coming Late Summer 2017

Metallic Triton Blue - YSF

Solid Black 50% Gloss - 291

Brilliant White - YUH


From the 19-27 November 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham.

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The Defining Sportsbike Family

The Suzuki GSX-R series has defined sportbike performance for over 30 years, with more than a million sold worldwide. So the dedicated Suzuki engineers who have devoted their lives to the GSX-R take their responsibilities very seriously: Every GSX-R must be very light and the best performing in its class, in an unbeatable package. Meet the revolutionary Suzuki GSX-R125, with the best power to weight ratio, torque to weight ratio and acceleration, plus nimble handling and great fuel economy in the 125cc class. It's versatile too, designed to handle city traffic jams while commuting to school or work during the week. And as an exciting sportsbike it's ready for fun rides into the countryside on weekend. The combination of lightweight chassis and smooth power delivery mean this GSX-R is read for the racetrack as well.

High Performance

New GSX-R Engine

The power plant for the new GSX-R125 is a single cylinder, liquid cooled, DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) with 125cc. It powers the GSX-R to great performance on the track and on the street and a lot more besides. The engineers behind the GSX-R series have been perfecting engines for over 30 years, and this is their latest masterpiece. In the 125cc class the GSX-R125 has the best power to weight ratio, the best torque to weight ratio and the best acceleration. So the rider can enjoy the most fun and excitement, every corner, every straight and every ride.

This level of performance is well known for a GSX-R, but beyond the power and acceleration there is even more too, this engine is also extremely fuel efficient as well, so you can travel further on each tank of fuel before its time to re-fill.

Light, Sharp & Agile

All New Chassis

The chassis design of the GSX-R125 is light and compact, giving the rider ultimate control in the corners for a fun and sporty ride. For a sports bike low weight is key, this helps deliver a bike with responsive and rewarding handling for added confidence on the street and low lap times on the track. The Engineers behind the GSX-R125 have created the lightest bike in the 125cc class, giving the rider the edge over the competition. As well as being the lightest machine in class the GSX-R125 also has the lowest seat height too, making an unbeatable combination for accessibility for all types of rider, while still maintaining a sportsbike stance and riding position. The low seat height means most riders will be able place both feet securely on the floor for added confidence, while the light weight makes the bike easy to manage both on the move and for slow speed manoeuvers.

Light Aluminium Wheels

Contributing to the bikes low weight are the 10 spoke cast aluminium wheels. Having light weight wheels helps ensure great handling, for a ride that's fun and a machine that goes exactly where you want it to. The slim design of the spokes also adds to this GSX-R's great sportsbike looks, along with the sporty petal type brake discs front and rear.

Light, Compact Chassis

Light Aluminium Wheels

Light Aluminium Wheels

Advanced Rider Technology

Keyless Suzuki Easy Start System

For sleek looks and maximum convenience the GSX-R125 uses a keyless ignition system. It also uses the Suzuki Easy Start System, just like the GSX-R1000R. This is a one touch system, and an idle speed system, which improves cold starting, reduces cold start emissions and stabilises engine idle under various conditions, based on coolant temperature. The convenient Suzuki Easy Start System automatically starts the engine with one touch of the starter button mounted in the switch module on the right handlebar; there's no need to hold the button down until the engine fires. Thanks to the new system, the rider doesn't have to pull the clutch lever in to start the engine, as long as the transmission is in neutral.

Keyless Ignition

Keyless Fob

Suzuki Easy Start System

Sleek, Slim & Compact

Aerodynamic bodywork

To make the best use of every ounce of power from the GSX-R125's class leading engine, the bikes sporty bodywork is also extremely aerodynamically efficient to reduce drag and maximise efficient speed. This design is the result of extensive wind tunnel development, and the sleek bodywork also enhances the GSX-R125's easy handling character. Furthermore, it also has the smallest projected frontal area in the 125cc class helping to achieve that best in class acceleration and supports high levels of fuel efficiency.

LCD Instruments and LED headlight

The high end features of the GSX-R125 don't stop at the models sporty exterior either. To give the rider all the information they need in a clear easy to read display the GSX-R also uses a full LCD display for its multi-function instruments. This sporty looking dash is fully features and includes: gear position, gear change light, speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter, clock and fuel gauge. Other indicators include neutral, high beam, turn signal, and ABS operation. Adding further to the technology and sporty GSX-R style of this machine is its vertically stacked LED headlight.

Aerodynamic Bodywork

LCD Instruments

LED Headlight

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